Marco Marinello

Developer & SysAdmin

Marco Marinello

Hi, I'm Marco Marinello and I'm a developer based in Bolzano, Italy.


Jul 2019 - LDNL: Linux+Docker+Nextcloud+LibreOffice Online

I held a conference on behalf of the LUG-BZ on the integration of Docker with Nextcloud and LibreOffice Online. The event was broadcast live on Youtube at

Jun 2019 - WebValley 2019

I’ve partecipated to the WebValley summer school focused on AI for Health. The challenge of the year was finding a predictive model for the cardio-vascular diseases. My work as part of a bigger team of 20 people was to clean and preapre the data arriving from clinical studies. The final presentation is available here.

Apr 2019 - Nao Final 2019

My team (Naorcos) and I partecipated to the Nao national final 2019 in Zagarolo, Rome.

Mar 2019 - Che Aria!

I’ve developed a web interface based on Django to manage and analyze data incoming from sensors. Sources available at

Feb 2019 - FTC

I took part in the European edition of the FIRST Tech Challenge in 2019.

Jan 2019 - HAIDI - Human-friendly Artificial Intelligence Driven Interaction

I’ve been the main developer of the software behind HAIDI, based on OpenCV, neural networks and a few new technologies. Sources available at

Jan 2019 - Teaching IT@Juvenes

I’ve taught for 6 months the basics of IT to a small group of middle school students.

Oct 2018 - Django in nutshell - LinuxDay 2018

On Saturday, October 27th I’ve briefly introduced what’s Django and how it works during the “Linux Day 2018” held in Bolzano.

May 2018 - NAO Final 2018

I’ve partecipated to NAO Challenge 2018 passing the semifinal in Bolzano with my team, the Rainerum Robotics FOUR, and going to the national final in Bologna.

Mar 2016 - RaspberryPi in the schools

I’ve spoke about the introduction of the RaspberryPi ™ in the schools and studied his compatibility with school’s network.